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We are in the heart of Jurong Port, a natural deep water multipurpose port, located in the main industrial estate of Singapore.

We offer 20 years experience, over 200 trained personnel and a global customer base. We have specialist experience in handling: containers, palletised goods, wood pulp products, finished paper products, heavy machinery, timber products, project cargoes, pipes/rebar, heavy lifts, steel coils, and ingots.

We also provide stevedoring, berth facilities and husbandry services for ship owners, charterers, liner operators, project coordinators, shippers from: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Britain, Canada, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, Vietnam, Korea, Turkey, and Thailand.

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The iBusiness Proudly Presents!

The eJobs is a new business job reporting system developed with the aim to ease the cumbersome of the traditional job reporting system used.

With eJobs, you don't have to be afraid of losing track of the business job and its various reports anymore.

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